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How long does the Fall core season last?
5U-8U: August - Late November 
10U-14U: August - Mid-December 
16U-19U: August - Early November

What is the practice and game schedule?
Under-5 practices will be on Saturdays only just before their game. In the other divisions, practices are held one time per week at a time chosen by the coach and based on field availability.

DivisionTentative Practice Schedule
5U 1 hour practice and game on Saturday
6U / 8U 1 hour / weekdays between 4:30 - 5:30 PM
10U / 12U Between 5:30 - 8:00 PM
14U/16U/19U 8:00 - 9:30 PM

There will usually be one game each weekend, although on a few weekends throughout the season, there may be a game on Saturday and Sunday, especially during the playoffs. NO PRACTICES BEFORE AUGUST 1

What if I can't make my practice time?

We know a lot is going on in all of our lives, but with over 3,100 children registered, it is nearly impossible to make changes to teams once players are assigned. We unfortunately cannot make any changes to accommodate other events that conflict with your child's soccer practice. Before registering, please try to make sure you can bring your child to the typical practice time

In case you are unable to make the practices, and you cannot find a solution to the conflict, you can always ask for a refund. It is possible to miss practice, but attend the games only, but that would be unfair to your child, the teammates and the coach. In this unfortunate situation, please feel free to use the Registration Cancellation form, as there are usually other children who are on the waiting list who would like to play.

Refunds must be requested before July 1.

When will my child be placed on a team?
In late July, teams for all divisions will be chosen. The coach should be calling you by August 1. If you do not receive a call by August 1st, please contact your coach through the email provided on the team list page. If you still do not hear from your coach by August 15th, contact the Division Coordinator of your child's age group.

Can my child move to another team?
Because teams are already carefully balanced out, except for extra-ordinary and rare circumstances, players cannot move to another team. Although it may seem simple, changing players to accommodate music practice, girl scouts, church or any other extra-curricular activity or sport, is not a reason we can move players. Please remember that we are working with over 3,100 players, and each request has a impact on many families and teams. Please contact the Division Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

What does a Team Coordinator do?
Go to the Team Coordinator page for everything you'll need to know.

What equipment is needed?
Soccer has limited equipment requirements. Your registration fees covers player uniforms (jersey, shorts & socks). You will need put purchase shoes, Shin guards and a soccer ball. Shin guards are mandatory during practice and games. Regions also provide field equipment, such as goals, nets and flags. Shin guards purchase guide: Use the appropriate size for your child. Shin guards should only cover the middle section of the player’s leg. It should be below the knee and above the ankle area. Shin-guards that are too big restrict movement.

Soccer ball
: It is recommended (but check with your coach) to bring a soccer ball to EVERY practice session. Soccer ball sizes vary according to division:

DivisionBall Size
5U - 8U Size 3
10U - 12U Size 4
14U - 19U Size 5

Write your child’s name on their soccer ball. Use a water-proof felt pen to put your last name and phone number on it. 

What about team uniforms?
A uniform (jersey, shorts and socks) is provided by the region before the season starts. The family is responsible for these items throughout the year and only needs to wear the uniform to games, not to practices. Do not wash the uniform in HOT water. We recommend that teams turn in their uniforms at the end of the year so they can be donated to other soccer organizations.
Note: Jewelry, watches, necklaces, bracelets, hats or other objects which could hurt another player are not permitted during the games. No exceptions.

Do I need to go to the uniform distribution meeting to get a uniform?
No, this meeting is solely for the coaches who will give your child a uniform at one of the next practices.

What do the players wear at practice?
Wear some type of loose fitting shorts, preferably soccer shorts, and wear a white t-shirt to the practice sessions. This helps the coach when organizing the team into small teams. Make sure that your child does not come to practice wearing jeans, long pants or other clothes that your child would not be able to run in. On cold nights, make sure a sweatshirt is brought for your child to wear after practice.

Players should also wear shinguards, soccer cleats and always bring a ball with their name on it.

Can a player wear jewelry?
A playing member must not wear anything dangerous to another participant. This includes all jewelry, watches, plaster casts, etc. We repeat, NO earrings allowed during practice or games. No exceptions!

NOTE: If ears were just pierced, and the earrings are not allowed to be removed so the ear may heal, the child will not be allowed to play. The child will be permitted to play again when the earrings can be removed from the ear.

Are shinguards mandatory?
Yes, shinguards are mandatory at every practice and game. A child will not be allowed to play without proper shinguards. Make sure the sock completely covers the shinguard when playing.

Are soccer cleats mandatory?
Soccer cleats are not required but are recommended for all age levels mainly for good traction on sometimes very wet fields. (No baseball, golf, football or shoes that have a toe cleat are allowed). Ask your local soccer store or sporting goods store for the correct cleats to wear.

What if my child misses practice or games?
Parents should contact the coach if their child cannot make a practice or game. It is unfair to the other players for one teammate to consistently miss practice. A player may be dropped from the program if three (3) successive practices or games are missed without a valid excuse. This is necessary because each year we have children on the waiting list who want to play.

Should we bring water?
Soccer players end up running many miles during games and practices, so make sure to bring water to the games and EVERY practice session!

What if my child gets hurt in a game or practice?
Although there are very few serious injuries in soccer, AYSO does have an Accident Reimbursement Program. This program will cover expenses not covered by your own individual insurance plans, after the deductible has been satisfied and only after a proper claim has been filed by your insurance carrier. To file a claim, contact the Insurance/Safety Commissioner.

What if it rains?
Soccer is played in all types of conditions. Do not assume that games or practices are cancelled because of a slight drizzle. Unless notified, all teams must appear at the field at their scheduled time, regardless of weather conditions.

What other special events are there during the season?

Picture Day
Photographs of the team and individual players will be taken on Saturday or Sunday, usually on one of the first few weeks of the season. Check with your coach for the team's picture schedule, which will also be on this website as the season begins.

How can I volunteer?
There are many opportunities for you, as a parent, to get involved in the AYSO program. If interested in any of these opportunities, see our Volunteer Page, talk to your coach, Division Coordinator or the Volunteer Coordinator. We encourage all parents to volunteer sometime during the year.

  • Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Referee, Team Coordinator, Sponsor, Board Member
  • Assist with Picture Day, Year Book and Fundraising
  • Field Set-up, telephoning, mailings, Year Book Ad Sales, Booster Club, etc.

How can I sponsor a team?
To help keep this volunteer non-profit program financially sound, and to try to keep the registration fee low, Region 88 requires that each team have a sponsor. If interested, please see the Sponsorship page.

Registration questions?
For questions about registration, see the Registration page.

What age division will my child play?
In AYSO, players are between the ages of 3 to 18. Children are placed in age appropriate divisions based on their age as of December 31. Please go see our Division Age Guide to find out the division your child will play.

We need volunteers

AYSO is an all-volunteer program. All of our coaches, team administrators, program administrators – everyone is a volunteer. Unlike other youth sports, we do not pay referees – they too are volunteers. We offer extensive training programs for all our volunteers, especially coaches and referees.Our policy is to require teams to provide volunteers to train and participate as coaches, referees, field setup, field monitor and team parent. We expect all parents will volunteer in some role. There is something for everyone to do. No prior experience is required for any of our volunteer positions. We will provide you with all the training and tools for your chosen volunteer position.We need coaches, assistant coaches, referees and team coordinators. All parents need to do their fair share.

What happens at the first team meeting?
Once coaches get their rosters, they will contact the parents and setup a team meeting. At that meeting, players will be introduced, team practice schedule will be determined and parents will select a volunteer position for the team. Team volunteer positions are Coach, Assistant Coach, Referee or Team Coordinator. Team volunteers will have to complete a volunteer application, complete online Safe Haven and appropriate volunteer training depending on the selected volunteer position. Coach and Asst. coach will attend an age appropriate training (part online and part field). Referees will take a referee training course. See coach and referee training schedule.

When do the coaches get their teams?
Coaches should expect to receive their team rosters in August. Coaches will then contact their parents to setup their initial team meeting.

Can my child play on the same team with his sibling or friend?
We will consider requests for players in the U4 and 5U divisions. However, we must also consider a balanced team and we do not accept requests for players to be placed with a specific coach. For all other divisions, we do not accept requests. For these divisions, only siblings (same household) can be on the same team.

For Under-10 and above, to maintain balanced teams, NO accommodations or requests for coaches or teammates are honored.

What is Safe Haven?

To ensure the safety of both children and volunteers, each volunteer is required to take a short in-person or online training session called Safe Haven™. It focuses on safety and appropriate behavior with children as well as first aid and other on-field issues. Agreeing to a background check is also required for each volunteer. Please see our Safe Haven page for more information.

What is Kids Zone?

In AYSO, fans are asked to be cheerleaders, not critics. Kids Zone® is a unique program that includes a parent pledge that moms and dads sign to commit to positive, encouraging behavior when they’re watching the games.

How do I request a refund?

If you register your child and then decide for any reason that the player will not play in our region, please notify us as soon as possible. Note that your team coach cannot issue you a refund. All requests for a refund must be submitted via our online Refund Request form.

Refunds must be requested before July 1.

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