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COVID-19 Guidelines

Safety comes first in Region 88. Your Region 88 board is working hard behind the scenes to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19. With the new variants, we need to be extra careful, especially since 75% of our kids are still too young to get vaccinated.

Region 88 recognizes that the situation is ever-evolving, and we will continue to monitor changes to State, County, and City guidelines and requirements. We are following the latest L.A. County Guidelines for Youth Sports, issued August 30.

Participation in our current soccer program requires agreeing to abide by the COVID-19 protocols as outlined below. listed below. Testing and vaccine requirements are listed further down. First, here is what to do in various situations:

Before you play, coach, referee or otherwise interact with teams:

Check yourself for COVID-19 symptoms. If you have symptoms or are not feeling well:

  • Do not go to practices or games, let your coach know, monitor your symptoms and continue with weekly COVID-19 tests if required.
  • Show or submit documentation as needed by the protocols below, which vary by age group, vaccination status, and prior infection. If the protocols ask that you test, you must do a screening or diagnostic test, namely a PCR/NAAT test or an Antigen test. The antibody test is not suitable. You can read L.A. County’s description of tests here.

What If...

You have a positive PCR/NAAT or Antigen COVID-19 test:

  • Let your Coach know and do not go to practices or games
  • Fill out a Region 88 COVID-19 Positive Test Report Form
  • Submit or show documentation of your positive test as per normal weekly procedure
  • Follow L.A. County’s Isolation Order
  • You can do a PCR/NAAT test and seek medical advice to confirm a positive Antigen test

You have been exposed to a COVID-19 case, or are under quarantine orders for exposure at school or elsewhere

If you have no symptoms and are vaccinated:

  • You can go to practices and games if you test negative weekly for two weeks
  • Be sure you have submitted or shown your proof of vaccination. Upload your card to the Player or Volunteer Status Form

A player is turning 12 during the Fall Season:

  • Start weekly screening testing the week before you turn 12
  • Submit or show the weekly tests: you can upload the documentation to the Weekly Testing Submission Form

You are over 12 and have recovered from a prior COVID-19 infection:

  • Contact the COVID-19 task force at [email protected], to show the required documentation.
  • If your infection started less than 90 days ago, and you are no longer symptomatic, you do not need to test or show proof of vaccination. The start date is the date when symptoms started, if any, or the date of a positive PCR/NAAT test or positive Antigen test, whichever is earlier.

Covid Policy Update (08/30/21)

The Los Angeles County Health Department provided an update on August 30, 2021 concerning its new protocols on all youth sporting events in Los Angeles County starting September 1.

In AYSO terms, this new order affects Region 88 players and age divisions as follows:

  • 12U players and below: No testing or Covid-19 documentation required
  • 14U players yet to turn 12: No testing or Covid-19 documentation required
  • 14U players 12 and over: Proof of vaccination required, or proof of weekly negative test
  • 16U/19U: Proof of vaccination required, or proof of weekly negative test
  • All Volunteers 12 and older: Proof of vaccination required, or proof of weekly negative test.

The update will permit Region 88 to resume practices and games provided we verify records of all volunteers’ vaccination status and, for those volunteers who are not vaccinated, maintain records of weekly COVID-19 testing compliance. Volunteers include all coaches, referees and team coordinators.

The same vaccination and testing requirements above will apply to players who are 12 years of age and older. There will be no vaccination or testing requirement for players who are younger than 12 years of age.

Region 88 will be diligent in following the updated protocol linked above and we urge you to read it fully. Participation in our current Fall program requires agreeing to abide by the COVID-19 protocols listed below.


  1. Before resuming practices or games, Region 88 is required to obtain the vaccination status and, if not vaccinated, testing status of all volunteers and players 12 years of age and older.

  2. Notably, players who have not yet turned 12 years of age have no vaccination or testing requirement in order to be on the field during practices or games. Testing is recommended, but not required. All families are asked to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before all games and practices. Any participant or volunteer testing positive for COVID-19 needs to promptly report the result to the Region 88 Compliance officer so that proper follow-up action may be taken.

  3. Players 12 years of age and over who are vaccinated have no testing requirement in order to practice or play games unless there has been an exposure to COVID-19. Please also see note 2 above for self-screening and positive COVID-19 reporting.

  4. Players who are currently 11 years of age and become 12 between 9/18/21 - 12/31/21 will be required to provide a negative test each week until they are able to be fully vaccinated.

  5. Volunteers (e.g., coaches, assistant coaches, referees and team coordinators) who are vaccinated have no testing requirement in order to be on the field during practice or games unless there has been an exposure to COVID-19. Please also see note 2 for self-screening and positive COVID-19 reporting.

  6. Volunteers and players 12 years of age and over who are not vaccinated must provide a negative test weekly for COVID-19. Proof of a negative COVID-19 test is required for games and practices and must be received by Friday at 5:00 pm. See links below for testing resources.


In order to return to practice and be eligible to participate in games, we are requiring all families of players 12 years of age and older and, all volunteers for all age divisions complete a Player or Volunteer Status Form. You will be ask to provide one of the following:

  • Vaccination status and, if vaccinated, submit proof of vaccination.
  • If you do not wish to identify vaccination status, it will be necessary to submit proof of a negative COVID-19 test on a weekly basis. The Region will provide an update here on when/how to submit proof of negative testing each week.
  • Players/Volunteers who have tested positive more than 10 days ago, but less than 90 days ago may also provide proof of immunity.
  • If you wish to submit proof of vaccination status in person, Region 88 will be providing a time and place to do this. There will be an option on the status form to make this request.

If due to the COVID-19 testing requirement you decide to withdraw from the Fall Season, please email [email protected] of your decision as soon as possible.

We now have a pathway to a fun, enriching and safe season for players and families. Please thank all of your volunteers and especially your coaches and assistant coaches who have not only handled their normal duties of training players and attending clinics, but who are also graciously handling the additional responsibilities that the COVID safety protocols have placed on them.

If you have any questions concerning the above, please email us at [email protected].

Weekly Testing Form

Weekly Testing Submission Form

This form is for players and volunteers to submit a negative test each week.

Return to Play Policy

Return-to-Play Policy (08/19/21) 

The following guidelines are hereby adopted by AYSO Region 88 to ensure that all players, volunteers, and parents enjoy a fun and safe soccer-playing environment for the 2021-2022 soccer season.

Covid Reporting forms

Covid Positive Test Report Form

Covid Exposure Report Form

These forms are for Region 88 parents/guardians and volunteers to notify the Region if a player or volunteer: 

  • Receives a positive COVID-19 test
  • Develops COVID-19 symptoms
  • Is exposed to a household member with COVID-19 or to someone outside of their AYSO team who was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Players and Coaches testing positive for COVID must adhere to the guidelines before returning to play or practice.

Contact Us

We are here to help, but please consider we are all volunteers and do our best to answer in a timely manner.

Player registration & cancellations: Registrar at [email protected]

Volunteer forms & general volunteer questions: CVPA at [email protected]

Referee classes & general referee questions: Referee Administrator at [email protected]

Coaching classes & general coaching questions: Coach Administrator at [email protected]

Regional Commissioner: [email protected]

All other questions: Please email [email protected] and your question will be directed to the appropriate staff member.

L.A. County Questions/Feedback

Please note Region 88 has no choice / input regarding implementation of COVID Testing Protocols. As an Organized Youth Sports League, we are mandated to follow safety guidelines dictated by the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health.

Any questions and/or feedback regarding protocols should be directed to the appropriate County of Los Angeles officials shown below:

The Department of Public Health

Dr. Barbara Ferrer (213) 240-8144
[email protected]

Los Angeles County Supervisors:

Hilda Solis (213) 974-4111
[email protected]

Holly Mitchell (213) 974-2222
[email protected]gov

Sheila Kuehl (213) 974-3333
[email protected]

Janice Hahn (213) 974-4444
[email protected]

Kathryn Barger (213) 974-5555
[email protected]

Player/Volunteer Status Forms

Player Status form

Volunteer Status form

Please use the Weekly Testing Form (above) to provide negative tests results. All players and volunteers currently registered in the Fall 2021 program are required to submit one (1) submission form to share one of the following:

  1. Proof of vaccination
  2. Agree to be tested each week
  3. Provide proof for testing positive within the past 90 days


The County of Los Angeles Covid Site

California Department of Public Health

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